Case story – Harriet

Case story – Harriet

Harriet originally contacted Swan for support to access the local Community Mental Health Team. She had been discharged without notice, but still felt she needed support as she had several things happening in her life which were proving difficult for her to manage.

At the initial meeting Harriet explained to a Swan Advocate, that she had a son with Aspergers who was in foster care due to her ex husband being violent, and the son being exposed to this. Harriet was struggling to communicate with social services; she felt overlooked and believed this was due to her own mental health issues.

Harriet had a Care Plan Review for her son, which she was very anxious about as she felt she had been ignored and humiliated in the past. The last care plan was full of errors which Harriet felt made it look like she was an unfit parent.

The advocate supported Harriet to write a letter to the manager of social services requesting a meeting before the review to amend the care plan. It was agreed, before the arranged meeting that Harriet and the advocate would work through the previous plan, highlighting, amending and noting the errors so Harriet was able to remain focused.

This worked very well for Harriet, and she was able to refer back to the plan at several points when the social worker was diverting.

The amendments were agreed and the renewed plan sent to all involved parties. Subsequently the IRO officer commended Harriet for her hard work and dedication and said it was obvious she was a caring dedicated parent.

Harriet was extremely happy with the outcome, and felt it built faith in her own capabilities and confidence when dealing with professionals. Harriet no longer needs support to attend meetings and feels confident in corresponding and getting her own views across.  


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