Generic/Care Act Summer 2016 update

Generic/Care Act Team Summer 2016 Update – Claire Gilbert Team Manager.

The team has undergone a few changes this season, one of which is the arrival of me, as manager for the Generic and Care Act team for Somerset. Happily enough, thanks to the warm welcome and the dedication of this small team it was quickly back to ‘business as usual’.

Since my arrival in May this service has seen a rising number of Care Act referrals, the last monthly report identified that these are slowly going up, making up 33% of all referrals; however the Generic referrals still take up over half of all referrals received by Somerset.

Self referrals are still relatively high for issues to do with finances; we can typically see that clients need support to understand the complexities and ‘red-tape’ of benefit eligibility or assessment.

In the near future our team anticipates recruiting volunteers to work alongside the advocates in cases such as the above, and we are looking forward to meeting and chatting with people who might be interested in this at the next volunteer fair.

My team members and I will be meeting up with other services in the next few months to provide information and we hope to build solid working partnerships between service providers and the advocacy service. Richard Lees will be attending the Hub hosted by Compass Disability in July, and I will be visiting with the District Nurse teams and attending the Carers Services Review also that month.



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