Case story – Julie

Case study - Julie.

Julie was detained on a Unit under the Mental Health Act. Julie has a history of bi-polar, which she was managing herself and did not feel she required medication.

At the time of her sectioning Julie was battling with her ex partner, who had removed her children from her without parental responsibility.

 A Swan Advocate visited Julie, who seemed to speak extremely lucidly about why she was upset and categorically felt she was being detained unfairly.

Whilst she remained on the unit, the advocate supported Julie on the ward rounds and solicitor meetings.

Julie was extremely grateful to have someone speak up for her as she strongly felt the staff were not listening to her and she had not been informed correctly by staff about her rights to appeal.

After discussions it was determined Julie’s nearest relative was her mother who could object to her section. Julie’s mother did this and the Section was removed.

Julie was discharged from the ward without any continuing care plan. She was extremely grateful of the advocate’s continued support and even suggested she would like to volunteer with Swan in the future.


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