Generic/Care Act case story.

Generic/Care Act Team - Case Story

We were contacted to provide advocacy support to Karen who wanted to set up 7 hours of agency care per week. However Karen had received a financial (FAB) assessment which meant she would have to pay £187.50 per week towards her care. 

The FAB assessment took 2 personal injury payments into account which Karen felt should have been disregarded for financial assessment purposes.

Our advocate provided over 5 ½ hours of support to Karen, liaising with outside agencies on her behalf, such as Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and FAB team.

There were challenges faced during the time we were working with Karen one of those being trying to get answers from CAB to support Karen and accessing the information needed.

Our advocate overcame this challenge by going directly to the FAB team, with Karen’s permission, which was much more effective. Our advocate said ‘Sometimes when you aren’t getting the information and support from an outside body, you need to revert back to the Council’s own team, which was done, and in relaying the information to the client, all worked out in the end.’

Our advocate later found out from the FAB team that the figures were correct, so our advocate explained these figures to Karen. Karen realised she hadn’t worked out the monies for herself, and now felt the decision from the FAB team was a correct one. Karen thanked our advocate for all the support provided

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