Independent Mental Health case story.

Independent Mental Health case story.

Jeff had been detained on a low secure rehab ward for some time. Our advocate provided advocacy on the ward Jeff stayed on, but he had previously not accepted or asked for advocacy.

Jeff is a very shy individual who keeps himself to himself. He has his own house that he had been going home to on weekend visits for a couple of hours at a time with a member of staff. Upon his discharge Jeff hoped to return to his home.

A health care assistant on the ward felt Jeff was feeling confident enough and might benefit from some minimal unescorted leave.


Our advocate was introduced to Jeff and over a few weeks supported Jeff in requesting unescorted leave, which started at 30 minutes per day three times a week. This gradually increased to 30 minutes unescorted leave once in the morning and once in the evening. Jeff returned home to his house twice a week for 4.5 hours at a time, and was able to travel independently.

Although ward rounds are every two weeks, our advocate met with Jeff weekly as he hugely benefited from time spent at his home, and our advocate felt his progression would be hindered if we only visited every other week.


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