Introducing our Trustees… Ken Howard

Introducing our Trustees... Ken Howard

After leaving university I started my career in social work. I believed if we could help and protect the vulnerable, the less fortunate and the disenfranchised, we could create a better society for new generations. I first worked with all client groups and later concentrated on mental health and children and family work. When I moved into management I continued my involvement in casework and also worked on developing and improving a range of community and professional services. 

Over the 37 years I worked in social care in three local authorities I’ve watched professional specialisations increase in social and health care making it more difficult to keep the person at the centre. I’ve also seen those professionals struggle with caseloads, unsupported by the infrastructure and technology needed to ensure they can provide an efficient, accessible, and comprehensible service for people.

I think these things can be addressed, and the provision of caring services for the most vulnerable is not fundamentally at odds with efficiency. My later work, leading the development of processes, systems, and technology particularly focussed on this area.

However increasing economic constraints make it more challenging to sustain holistic person-centred services for the vulnerable. I know from my work and personal experience that the kind of services provided by SWAN is crucial to ensuring people are listened to and can navigate the complex care network.

Now I have retired from paid employment I’m keen to assist Swan in further developing and sustaining this important service. I look forward to working with you all.

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