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From the Wiltshire Times - 14th June 2016
'We fear neurological disorders more than cancer, survey says.'

'A survey by the Sue Ryder charity revealed that 45 per cent of people fear getting a neurological disorder such as Parkinson's or motor neurone disease.'

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We passed this article to our Dementia Advocacy Team for their thoughts...
'Fear can take all the joy out of life & at times when we face the challenges of illness, this becomes even more so.
Completing a free ‘Living Well Plan’ with Swan may help you to work through some of your fears & put you back in control.
Your ‘Living well Plan’ states what you would like to happen to when you when you may not be able to express this yourself & informs those who make decisions on your behalf.
This may give you some piece of mind, so if you have memory loss, or have been diagnosed with Dementia, call us on 01722 341 851 or email Livingwell@swanadvocacy.org.uk and speak to our team. '


The Swan Dementia Advocacy Team


Dementia Advocacy Service Manager


Dementia Advocacy Service Lead Advocate


Dementia Advocacy Service Volunteer Co-ordinator


Dementia Advocacy Service Administrator

Would you like to know more about volunteering for our Dementia Advocacy Service?
We are holding a drop in session on Thursday 30 June 2016 from 10.30am till 12.30pm in our Salisbury Office (26 Milford Street, SP1 2AP).
We would love to see you!


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