Swan Launches new Dementia Advocacy Service

Swan Advocacy launches new service to support people living with memory loss or dementia

Many people living with dementia are unable to access support until their disease reaches an advanced stage and they are assessed as not having the capacity to make decisions.. By which time they may not be able to make decisions about their future, and the care they would like. Those responsible for making decisions on their behalf are left having to find clues and listen to the interpretation of others when making key decisions affecting the person.

On Thursday 9th of June 2016, Swan Advocacy launched their new Free Dementia Advocacy Service, made possible thanks to generous funding by the Big Lottery
The event was attended by over 50 people from the Health and Social Care organisations from Wiltshire, Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset.

The Dementia Advocacy Service will work with people living with memory loss and in the early stages of dementia to create a ‘Living Well Plan’. The service will support people to record their views, preferences and wishes, either independently, or supported by a volunteer advocate if they would like. Swan will continue to support these people to review and update their plans on a regular basis, so they are kept up to date.

This new service will cover Wiltshire, Somerset and Bath & North East Somerset and will look to recruit and develop more than 50 volunteers to work directly with people living with memory loss or dementia, supporting them to create their own personalised Living Well Plans’

The ‘Living Well Plan’ has been designed to record what is important to the person and what they would like to happen in the future, when they may no longer be able to express their wishes. The person can then share their plan with those that may be responsible for making decisions about their wellbeing and care.
Richard Mole of the Big lottery said “It is great to see so much passion behind a project and this was very evident from your staff. The launch was excellent and well attended and I am very excited to see how your project develops over the next few years”.

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