The Care Act, are you ready?

The Care Act is due to came into force in April 2015. Norman Lamb, the minister for care and support, has described it as the most significant reform of care and support in 60 years”. This is one case where a politician cannot be accused of exaggeration. There is no question that the act heralds major change. For example, it brings to an end the last vestiges of the National Assistance Act, which was a key component of the original welfare state and put in place provisions for those in need of support.

Social care deals with hundreds of thousands of people, many at difficult and vulnerable times in their lives, when sudden life changes or the acquisition of physical, sensory or intellectual impairments can make speaking for yourself very difficult. Social care is an area where there is a special need for good-quality, independent and ongoing advocacy support.

The question is; are independent Advocacy providers ready to deliver their side of the commitment?

Swan a leading South West independent Advocacy certainly are, they have teamed up with ACTS ltd, the UK’s Independent Advocacy training specialists and have just launched the new City & Guilds Unit 313 aimed at  Providing Independent Advocacy support under the Care Act 2015

Teresa Wells, Chief Executive for Swan, said “The changes in the Care Act represent a significant change in the way care is delivered and supported in the UK. The act will put people and their carers in control of their care and support and we are committed to ensuring that Independent Advocacy is ready to meet the challenge and support the most vulnerable adults in our society ” 

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