Bath & North East Somerset

Changing Lives in Bath & North East Somerset

We have been delivering free and independent advocacy in Bath & North East Somerset (BaNES) since 2013.  We offer a range of advocacy services to support BaNES residents.  For more information please select from the following advocacy types:

To download a referral form for our BaNES services please click here.

Victims of Crime Advocacy Service (VOCAS)

We launched VOCAS in BaNES on 1st April 2019.

Adult victims can access advocacy, alongside practical and emotional support to help them to cope and recover from their experience and to engage with the criminal justice system if they choose to do so.   This enhanced adult service will be available for

  • adult victims who have barriers or additional support requirements linked to:
  • adult victims who have been targeted because of their:

*Race *Religion *Sexuality *Gender Identity *Mental health issues *Learning difficulties *Physical disabilities *Problems associated with old age *Problems associated with social exclusion or isolation

Find out more by visiting our VOCAS page.

Care Act Advocacy

We provide statutory advocacy under The Care Act 2014 which supports people who:

– Experience substantial difficulty in being fully involved in assessment, care and support planning, review and safeguarding process.

– Have no one else appropriate to support and represent their wishes.

To find out more about Care Act advocacy click here.

Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA)

Our B&NES IMHA advocates are specialists who are trained and qualified to work within the Mental Health Act 1983. They are completely independent of any person or other service involved with the treatment or care of the person they are supporting.

To find out more about Independent Mental Health Advocacy click here.

Issue Based Mental Health Advocacy

This particular type of advocacy is aimed at meeting the needs of individuals who have been admitted to psychiatric units in B&NES as informal patients or are at risk of re-admission.

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Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA)

Our advocates are there to make sure vulnerable adults, who lack the ability to make important decisions and do not have family or friends to help them, have someone who can make sure their wishes and feelings are taken into account when people are making decisions on their behalf.

To find out more about Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy click here.