Changing Lives in Wiltshire

Wiltshire is where it all began. Our advocacy service started as a pilot project in 1999 and quickly grew in into county wide provision.

Although we now do not provide the statutory advocacy in Wiltshire we have always been committed to supporting local communities and individuals, enabling them to make their own decisions and remain in control of their lives.

See below for more information about our current service in Wiltshire.

Statutory advocacy services are provided by The Advocacy People – visit their website here.

Living Well Service

Our National Lottery funded Living Well Service supports people living in Wiltshire with any long term health condition to complete a Living Well Plan.

Visit the Living Well Service page for more information.

Self Advocacy

SWAN (South West Advocacy Network) want to know whether Wiltshire residents would benefit from coaching and support to develop their self-advocacy skills.

Accessing this training and one to one coaching could help them to access services, speak more confidently with their GP and other medical professionals, the local authority, and represent their own wishes with regards to their care and support needs.

We would love to hear from as many people as possible about whether this help and support would be welcomed.

Equally we can train professionals to raise their awareness and knowledge of self-advocacy, so they can support the people they work with.

We have created a short survey, it would be appreciated if you could complete this for us, and any service users you work with who this programme may benefit. We need to have responses by Wednesday 8th December 2021. These can be scanned and sent back to chloe.bungay@swanadvocacy.org.uk if there is no access to a scanner a photo of the completed questionnaire can be accepted.

The survey for clients can be downloaded here.

The survey for professionals can be downloaded here.