Our response to COVID-19

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A message for our clients, partners and stakeholders from Chief Executive Officer, Vikki Holloway

Update: 15 April 2020

The landscape has changed considerably over the last couple of weeks and we are all working to ensure that we manage the impact that Coronavirus has in our lives. Initially we may have believed that time spent in lockdown would be over quickly, but events are showing us that this is not the case and we are all having to get used to living and working in a new state of normal.  This presents challenges for individuals and businesses alike, and we aim to be as proactive as possible so that we can respond flexibly to the ever-changing environment, therefore:

  • We continue to develop creative ways of working and are doing all we can, to ensure that whilst face to face meetings are restricted, we can still deliver services.
  • We are following government guidance at all times by continuing to employ social distancing and working from home; this is to protect our staff, clients and partners and to support keyworkers, particularly those involved in healthcare, who are delivering front line services.
  • We are in regular contact with our Commissioners and are communicating with Local Authority’s regarding the implementation of the Coronavirus Act as this has an impact on how they meet their duties and how we, as an Advocacy provider, respond to that.

With extended social isolation measures in place, we recognise the impact this has on many people. As Chief Executive of SWAN, I want all to know that at this deeply challenging time, we are open for ‘business as usual’ to provide the vital support that people need.  Please get in touch with us and if you call, please leave a message, even if it is just a name and number; we will get back to you.


23 March 2020

Hello, I’m Vikki, I’m the CEO of SWAN.

We are all responding to the current COVID-19 threat, which is having a dramatic impact on individuals and businesses. Despite these challenges we are committed to supporting our clients and working with our partners in the most safe, positive and productive way possible.

We are working differently in a way that is consistent with government advice, to ensure the safety of our workforce, partners and all those we provide services to. We recognise that more and more people are being affected by the impact of social isolation and we have issued operational guidance to the workforce and developed alternative methods of delivery. Alongside this we have implemented homeworking for the majority of the workforce and operate a strictly risk-assessed approach to service delivery. We will continue to be flexible and proactive, with the needs of all our stakeholders fixed firmly in our minds.

The senior management team forms our Business Continuity Group and we have implemented our Business Continuity Plan. This is reviewed frequently to ensure as far as possible that we can continue to deliver our services. We are in regular contact with our commissioners and funders to ensure that everyone is up to date in this rapidly changing environment.

Please follow the guidance and stay safe at this difficult time. There are a variety of sources of guidance and I urge everyone to make themselves familiar with them:

Resources (will be updated regularly)

Easy Read information on COVID-19 (produced by Mencap)

Advocacy & Your Rights – Easy Read information about advocacy and rights during the coronavirus crisis (produced by NDTi)