Be Heard Self Advocacy

Struggling to be heard?

Do you feel frustrated or let down by services?
Do you find it hard to voice your problems and get your needs met?

SWAN’s Self-Advocacy Course can help give you the skills and confidence to speak up for yourself.

How is the course planned?

Each session will provide confidence building activities, and tool kits to help you self-advocate in different situations in your life.

What issues will the course help you with?

• Housing

• Employment

• Benefits

• Raising complaints

• Health & Social Care Meetings

SWAN’s Social Value Be Heard projects are aimed at providing tools and resources to individuals to give them the confidence and skills to self-advocate. Our programmes are co-designed and delivered with Peer Advocacy Coaches who are Experts by Experience. This ensures that our programmes are targeted appropriately for the audience and cover issues relevant to them.

Self-Advocacy is being able to speak up for yourself and tell people what you want and need. People who can self-advocate can make their own complaints and be part of decision making.
SWAN believes that with the right tools and resources anyone can learn to be their own advocate.

SWAN’s Be Heard projects aim to increase an individual’s confidence and ability to speak up by providing them with these tools and resources.


For more information and upcoming events:

Be Heard in Somerset

The course in Somerset is a 4 week course, with the dates for this below:

1st November 2023

8th November 2023

15th November 2023

22nd November 2023

Located at Victoria Park Community Centre, TA6 7AS

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